The Best Spring Mattress in Canada

Starting from just $649

The Best Spring Mattress in Canada

Starting from $649

Spring Comfort at an Incredible Value

Brunswick is Canada’s best new spring mattress. As one of the first premium hybrid mattresses to be delivered in a box, the Canadian-made Brunswick is packed full of great features to benefit you and your sleep.

Pocketed Steel Springs

Brunswick uses extra-durable, multi-tempered steel for its independent springs. This means better support and greater motion isolation.

Canada's Longest Trial

Try the Brunswick spring mattress at home for 120 nights so you can feel absolutely certain it’s the right one for you. We’re sure it will be.

Made in Canada

Made to order, direct from the factory floors of Toronto and Calgary. The Brunswick mattress ships quickly to every province and territory.

Better Sleep Starts with Better Materials

Spring mattresses have been slept on for over a century and are still the most popular bed type in the world. Why? Because they work. Brunswick has taken this 100-year-old concept and added newer, better, and more comfortable materials, specifically for Canadian sleepers.

Triple-Strength Knit Cover

Brunswick’s quilted top cover is ultra-breathable and antimicrobial. Using Canadian-farmed materials with three times the strength of cotton, this fabric is more durable and lasts longer than most other conventional covers.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

The gel-infused foams in Brunswick’s comfort layer regulate temperature effectively and improve pressure-point relief in your neck, shoulders, back, and hips.

Pocketed Steel Springs

These supportive steel springs are multi-tempered for additional strength. Each is individually wrapped within a lightweight pocket to help isolate movement between sleepers and provide targeted support for your back.

Longest Sleep Trial in Canada

Every Brunswick comes with a 120-night sleep trial including the option of a full refund and free pickup. You need more than just five minutes to know whether a mattress will help you sleep well for weeks to come. That’s why you can try your Brunswick for 4 months.

Protecting Our Environment

At Brunswick, we are strong advocates for eco-friendly processes. From sustainable material sourcing and manufacturing, to reducing our carbon footprint at every level of our business, we keep this mission in mind. Our goal is to do work we can feel proud about and maintain the beauty and prosperity of our country for the next generation of Canadians.


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Canada’s Best Spring Mattress, Starting at $649