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Design & Features

Classic Comfort,
Modern Design,
Better Features


We Didn’t Reinvent the Wheel, We Fine-Tuned It

The Brunswick spring mattress is designed to feel instantly familiar. It has all the features that make a bed a classic, with a few modern materials to make it even better.


Full-body contouring


Excellent motion isolation


Adaptive temperature regulation


Reinforced edge support


Responsive mattress bounce

The Simple Core of Every Brunswick Mattress

Comfort shouldn’t be complicated. What gives Brunswick its extraordinary, classic comfort feel all comes down to two of the most practical and reliable materials from the past century of making mattresses.


Premium Memory Foam

Memory foam contours to your body in a way that is both soothing and pressure-relieving. The modern gel foams in the Brunswick mattress regulate temperature to give you a cooler and more comfortable sleep. Memory foam reforms quickly back to its original shape, so it feels like you’re sleeping on your bed, not in it.


Steel Pocketed Coils

Individually wrapped steel springs compress to the natural curves of your body. The result is incredible and precise support. Because the springs act independently, movement on one side of the bed is less likely to disturb the other. And because only a few springs are compressed at once, your mattress can stay supportive for longer.

All the Features You Expect

Does your bed know which features matter most? Brunswick does. We made sure to master what Canadians already love about their mattresses before working on anything else.

Body Contouring

The gel foam layers instantly conform to the unique shape of your body, offering welcome support and pressure-point relief where needed.

Independent Motion Isolation

Pocketed spring mattresses can help prevent your sleep from being disrupted, even as you or your partner and pets shuffle around on the bed. Independent springs like the ones in every Brunswick can also help prolong the life of your mattress since they don’t all need to compress together at once.

Temperature Regulation

Brunswick has been designed with two inches of dense, yet highly porous cooling gel foam that helps circulates air and dissipate heat, making it easier to keep cool and dry overnight. Wake up feeling refreshed each morning, no matter spring or fall, winter or summer.


Reinforced Edge Support

Proper edge support extends the usable surface of the mattress, giving you more room to spread out in bed. Brunswick intelligently places higher-density foam at the edge of the bed, allowing you to sit down and put on socks without sinking or sliding off.

A Fresh Approach

While the spring construction provides familiar comfort, a fresh approach was taken with the cover. It’s reinforced with Canadian-grown hemp that brings a number of helpful benefits to the fabric while also enriching local farmland.


It's Stronger

Hemp fibres are noted for their high tensile strength, an ideal quality for any high-strength or durable cover.


It's Sustainably Grown

Hemp grows quickly and easily with minimal requirements to thrive, making it more efficient to farm and manufacture.


It's Canadian

Hemp is grown in farms across the country, giving local manufacturers a greater choice of Canadian materials.


It's More Farm-Friendly

Hemp farming uses less water than most common crops and often doesn’t require any chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Classic Spring Comfort. Starting at C$799.